Our new generation is right to be called a ‘multimedia generation’ as they are all crazy for one gadget or the other. They spend most hours of their day with iPods, handsets, TV, video games and other techgadgets. Some of it is to show off that they are a part of the “cool squad.”

Children from the age 9 to 12, love their electronic gadgets and are addicted to it. They spending 7 to 10 hours of the day with their gadget no matter whether it is the TV, computer, mobile, video game or any other technology toys. They seem eager to leave from school to go back home and get their “fun” back with gadgets.

This addiction of gadgets is deeply affecting the social and personal skills of kids. It is noticed that a youngster may be expert at texting but poor at real communication with someone face-to-face. You may find a kid holding full grip on a computer game but not at any other outdoor game. This is really a considerable issue attached with the future security of our young kids that are “addicted to gadgets”.

Since all the things come with its own pros and cons, Technology too has its own benefits. For younger children, the gadgets may positively help them to stimulate their senses and imagination. Some may help them to promote listening ability and the learning of sounds.

Children who spend long hours staring on screens usually complain of lesser concentration on studies and missing out their essential sleep. It makes them grumpy and aggressive and they don’t take notice of anything going on around them until they finish. Gadgets are not only killing their creative skills but also leaving negative impact on their health and emotions.

The excess use of electronics and gadgets should be and can be controlled by parents. They should fix their hour for playing with gadgets. Kids of a younger age require 10 hours of sleep that is favourable to their health. If they don’t get the minimum required amount, it is harmful to their physical and mental health. For this purpose, parents should adopt good strategies. In my opinion, it would not be a wrong strategy to ban gadgets for young children.

Natasha Doshi
The thinking cap of our team, Natasha is always bustling around with crazy and innovative ideas. She looks into the smallest nuances adding perfection to the end result.
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